Tuesday, 14 July 2009

seeing bruce play with the gaslight anthem actually made me change my entire view on them, i illegally downloaded their demos fuk yeh

So what have i learned from being away?

It's been fifteen days since i left England, and it still seems longer. Y'know, TWO WEEKS just flies by - but somehow i still feel it.
Being away has made me remember what is important, and what really isn't. I think I worked it out the other day, that I really can't wait to be home; but I just don't want to leave yet.

There has been up points and down points on Uwins Farm. Like, I honestly have very little respect for Zoe and her views - I can't change that now, it's just stuck in my head now. Fran is, well.. he's got his good and bad points. I enjoy him, but i found that i don't like him.

My last day was spent chopping logs and wood with Reuben in the morning. We talk alot these days, and I will miss it. He's a smart guy, and I like listening to him. He's got alot of time for peope he respects, and I'd like to think he respects me.

All in all? I'm really fucking happy I'm going to Switzerland, and onto somewhere else. I feel more confident this time, more settled; as if i've done it all before and i'm a hardcore traveller.
This of course will all fall out of my ass when I get to Switzerland and panic wildly as I have no idea where I am. Peace be with you all, I'm happy.

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