Friday, 17 July 2009

bienvenue! statut de connection: hors ligne.

...and i arrived in Toulouse and started to panic again as i couldn't find a cash machine so i eventually find one and now i'm in Switzerland walking dogs and picking berries and hanging out with a french family of teenage girls that don't want to speak english at all but they are pleasant and friendly i think. I hope they don't talk about me behind my back or worse, to my face but i won't understand them! Oh no!

Anyway, now I'm in Switzerland. Right now. I'm inbetween a town called Biel and Neuchatel, i forget the name of the actual town though.
Ah, but i forgot to mention that when i was in Toulouse - it was Bastille Day. Which meant French people getting drunk and partying, more than they usually do i guess. There was like, a festival going on in the main street of Toulouse, which stopped traffic so they could hold it. It was okay to hang about there, but my bag was heavy so i just sat at the station reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea instead.
At 12:00 they opened the gate for me to go through to get the overnight train to Geneva, and there was a HUGE firework display going on. They noise was incredible! Everyone stopped to see what was happening, it was like a war movie - oh, and they were playing French Opera over a overhead speaker really loudly too, so the whole thing just came across like some insane Roman Polinski movie. Everyone applauded at the end, it was actually crazy how many fireworks they must have used though.

When the train pulled in everyone gets on and i find my seat next to this middle aged guy, he seemed okay.
I was abit annoyed and disappointed as I wanted to see the mountains, and travelling overnight I would miss them.. or so I thought.
I wake up at Lyon, where the train is stopping and everyone gets off and i strat to panic again as i thought it was a non stop to Geneva but it wasn't and i start fretting and in the end decide to sit down, after asking a nice french man anyway.

Now, i cannot put into words how beautiful this was. The sun had just risen, and the mist was rolling down the mountains.
It went on for mile after mile, small villages and towns, surrounded by these huge mountains gave everything this peaceful feel. coming to Switzerland was worth it, i felt so happy. This is a link to the rest, just looking at them makes my heart ache actually.

I got to Geneva and had a wander, got some fruit and water - i've basically been living on that for the past few days; entirely my choice though - and made my way to the river by a bridge where i ate my breakfast and waited til i heard from Pierrette, my host in Switzerland.

After hearing from her and watching this jet spray thing that was in the river and telling beggars to go away i went back to the station, and had a wash. I then got some lunch, and got my ticket to Neuchatel train station where i was going to be picked up.

I got there, she seems lovely etc etc and takes me to her a second hand shop, then home to her village in the French part of Switzerland.
Its beautiful here, its in a sort of valley where trees cover the sides on both sides of it - its insane to look at.
So i got here, put together an Ikea unit thing then had dinner.
That was my first day. That was it.
I felt tired, run down and a little crazy from the constant travelling - to the point where i didn't know how i felt. But she has two gorgeous dogs, i'm really starting to like them.
Oh, Pierrette's niece came over, she was nice. Everyone is nice. It's bizarre.

I picked berries yesterday, to make into jelly and jam. That was it. Then went to a swimming pool disco in the evening, which was a little strange but its a small town so all the kids were there.
I think I expected tough work i guess. But its raining today, and I've cleaned the kitchen and walked the dogs.
Roll on August, as this place seems quite good fun.
Au Revoir, mon amies.

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  1. glad to see you've made it safe, dude!!