Monday, 6 July 2009

listen to the manics holy bible buddy

i think after my heavy flowing period i need an uplifting post thats about good things and happiness and dancing and i havent had a wank since i got here and thats nearly eight days now.

Low and behold - my little spat of moaning is over! Oh yes, its gone. It's done, it's out the door!
I've realised that there's just no point letting things get to me, epecially the insignificant detail of bullshit and travelling.

So i managed to find a way to Spain that would cost me just under 100 euros, all in all. Which really isn't that bad. I'd leave next week on an overnight bus from Toulouse to Madrid, then another bus or train to Badajoz. Then I get picked up by Ian Smith, a retired Englishman who takes me to his farm and rapes me whislt his wife rubs her titties.

Unfortunatly, Ian can't accomadate me 'til (at the earliest) the 27th - which really slams my balls in the grinder as i'd like to move on, but not that it is mentally bad here anymore.
Basically yesterday I woke up and felt fine. And i mean fine. As if nothing had happened.
I'd spoken to Zoe and Fran on Sunday about how i was feeling and what i should be doing and they were both... well, cold, yet helpful. I know they aren't here to become my surrogate parents, but they were abit too easy with the idea of me leaving and that made me realise a few things. It made me remember that it should be hard being away from home, as I'm so lucky to have the parents and friends i have.

A quick note to the people who have contacted me just to say hello - Thankyou, seriously. It's a joy to hear from you. It takes a few minutes to write emails, draw me a fucking comic, or even just comment; i appreciate it all as i know how busy you all are with worrying about me.

Now I'm looking for my next venue.
As i said, it isn't bad here, at all - it was all in my stupid fat head. So staying wouldn't be that bad i guess, plus I realised how stupid it would be not even to speak French to anyone now i'm here.

I was sitting by the pool last night by myself, just thinking about how much I want to do with things; life, people, everything.
And then it came to me.

Just Do It. So i am.

Today myself and Reuben moved logs about. When i say logs, what i really mean is trees. Seriously, it was insane.
At the moment I'm looking at other places in Europe that i could get to, which - lets be honest - is anywhere. So if anyone has an idea where i could go, shoot me up with an email or a comment.
Or anything. I assume anywhere could accomadate me.

Anywhere that'd have an extra from an amateur fucking Springsteen video shoot anyway.

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  1. Glad that you're feeling better with the whole situation, Bro.

    If you ever need to chat, hit me up on an email, boss