Wednesday, 8 July 2009

listen to midtown find comfort in yourself

today is a good day to die, yesterday was a better time to live she said.

I was pretty bored today. I haven't riden a horse since friday, through my own choice entirely. I just haven't fancied it.
As Fran is out of the house alot, Reuben and I work together more. He's a pretty great guy actually. He earns a pretty penny as a Farrier, i think he's going to move his family out to France and start some sort of business out here. I trust the guy, with horses i mean. Like, he just seems to talk about them with such confindence and heart you kinda get drawn into this belief that he's right and knows what he's on about. So i just smile and nob when he speaks about horses.
I've been here for 9 days now. Nine days. Is that it? Jesus, i really feel like it's longer - but not in a bad way anymore. I feel more comfortable and okay now, although i am still abit lonely if i'm honest. I've made progress on my French tapes though. Basically, every time I go out to the fields i take my iPod and just revise French.
It seems to be working. I mean, I feel more confident with it - I'm even quite looking forward to trying it out at the autobus depot whenever i go there.

I had an idea about staying in a hostel in Madrid for a week on the run up to the 27th, if i eventually decide to go to Badajoz anyway. I'm still having trouble finding somewhere to go to inbetween, I've even looked at Ireland.
I'm about to email someone in Switzerland.

I'd kill to laugh at something I actually find funny, instead of the polite-in-social-situation-laughter.
My mum went to a funeral today. I kinda wish i could be with her.

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  1. you put 'nob', did you mean that xxxx