Thursday, 9 July 2009

jean is dead, long live the jean

Today I stacked and loaded 493 bales of hay today (with one other person) and got burnt on my arms in the process. I was the one on the trailer, bouncing around. Its insanely tough, you've gotta balance and lift and climb and oh god oh god its so hot.
Okay imagine this;

You're standing on a fastmoving train, and you have nothing to hang on to. And you have to stack peoples luggage above your head. Then to make sure you're packing enough luggage in, you have to climb everyone elses luggage and carry luggage up the luggage with you to stack it on top of other luggage. And the luggage is full of straw. And there are flies.

Hopefully though, my arms will all be the same shade instead of that lovely pink, red and white shaed they have been all week. I am so tired. seriously. I feel drained, but only physically.
Not emotionally though, mainly as some people have emailed me back with places to go!
I was thinking today that I could go to Barcelona, or maybe Madrid and just hostel it for awhile. Or sleep on the beaches. But I haven't got that much money, so thats not the best idea.
Then i recieved and email from;

A monkey sanctuary in Ireland A Swiss family who want me to do housework And a Swiss woman who wants me to work in her textile factory.

However, Swiss family maybe possible maybe could take me asap, Switzerland woman can only take me from August and Ireland monkey man is well, in Ireland and I'd like to go somewhere that is abit further. Also, FUCKING SWITZERLAND. I mean, come on.

So I'm gonna leave it 'til the weekend, and see what happens with the Switzerland family, y'know.. just see what they say.

Anyway, just a quick update as nothings really happened. I think i'm gona spend my whole day tomorrow reading Joseph Hellers' Something Happened in the fucking sun.

Fuk yer.

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