Sunday, 19 July 2009

ouija board, wont you work for me? ITS TOO LATE TO BE A PESSIMIST

husker du were so good at one point, no fuck that, at every point. i went to a horse riding competition yesterday with Pierrette and her two girls, one of them was entered but not entered to win blah blah.

It was wet and cold, like real cold. But it was a good day, I took some pictures of Amie riding about doing the jumps.
In the evening Pierrette took me to her neighbours house who were showing Home , a movie about how we are destroying our planet. At this point I really want to point out that this was shown in a home cinema in an attic that seats 30-45 people. It was insane, like, everyone sat there and just watched this movie that was informative, yet somehow seemed to really miss the punchline. Like, I felt WHOA GOD THATS CRAZY after but it didn't really tell you what to do about all
these terrible things we are doing to the planet that we live on.
Its like one of those adverts where the kids are covered in flies and they tell you how bad life is for them then it doesn't give you a number to call and donate, it just wants you to know that you are lucky and some people are not.
Anyway, the house was fucking awesome. Like, to get to the attic you had to go outside and up this winding metal staircase. Shit was insane.

I'm walking the dogs basically everyday now, they seem nice.
I think I will go for a bike ride to the mountains now, I do not have anything else to tell you about anything. Erm, actually on the 27th there is another HelpX person coming. An American girl apparenlty, so that should be something new.
Roll on the 27th.

Oh, and it has been really nice to talk to you guys that have either caught me on MSN on emailed, it has been lovely talking to you all.

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