Saturday, 4 July 2009

It feels like a month, I wish it was a month.

It's only been six days, thats it. Six.

It feels like its been so long since I was completely cheerful, which is insane. As i am happy.
I just feel like I'm wasting time here cutting logs, but i couldn't tell you where the place I should be is. I dunno, maybe it's a human contact factor. Maybe it's the fact that I feel lonely. Maybe it's because I feel abit useless here, physical labour not really being my best point.
I dunno. I started looking into how to get to the Spain, thinking maybe i'd go early - but it's like the hardest place to get to.
I need to just relax and let things take the natural course of time, and not want to bail " 'cos i'm feeling abit shitty."

It rained alot today and I went to market and realised i wasn't able to talk to anyone in any real way as they are all French and mon francais est merde.

I've never felt so naked in an open space in my life.

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