Friday, 7 August 2009

FUUU- I GOT A SWASTICA TATTOO and im listen to kylie minogue.

i somehow started writing this post about four maybe even five days ago. NO ACTUALLY SIX DAYS AGO NOW. the radiohead song Harry Patch (In Memory Of) is actually rad and i like the way he sounded.

Well things have been good recently. We haven't attempted anything serious with work, cutting grass has been the most harrowing. It's like things are just winding down, in mental and physical ways. After we sorted all those Paris Match magazines I made the suggestion of cataloguing them and taking individual pictures so Pierette can sell them online. This was such a mistake though, as its the nicest weather at the moment, and I have been inside doing this instead.
I fucking hate data input.

A few days back we went via train to the Alps, well... close as. Alyssa said we weren't as close as we initially thought, although it didn't matter to me. The journey was amazing and the views just stole your breath, as you'd expect. Clouds surrounded the tips of the peaks and turned into light wisps as they descended,
I took photographs obviously, although I am getting tired with landscape shots, but that's all that's here. I am itching to be home though, even if it's just to see people for a few days and disappear again.
But before I leave I'll steal a few shots of Pierette's girls again, I got some ones of them a few weeks back that should come out nicely. They are pretty camera shy, or pose dramatically.
I don't think they get what I am trying to achieve with my unposed ethos on people.

There is some small time drama next week.
My flight from Geneva is at 7am on the 21st August, so this means I need to check in around 5:30am. But even if I got the first train from Courtelary, I don't get to Geneva 'til 6:45am, and way too late. So my plan is to go to Geneva on the 20th, and just wait it out in the Airport. Easy right?


Apparently, Geneva Airport closes from midnight to 4am to accommodate for the locals sleeping.
So now my plan is slightly changed, as I'm still going to Geneva on the 20th, but I'll just hang out in a bar or something. I can get there at around midnight anyway, so that would only be 4hours to wait.
Which isn't really that bad, unless it rains and i have to sit outside as everything is closed and I get raped and someone steals my bag which has all my film in it and they leave me with my ipod as its broken again and they only take my front teeth and my tight asshole.

I've been talking recently to friends at home, and thinking about just getting back and seeing people. I'm ready for having fun with the same old people, and the same fear of getting to know new ones. A few people even asked to come out, if only for a long weekend. But, in the end times meshed out and finances dwindled down, and it hasn't happened. This summer has been mine, and mine alone, and it always will be.
I'll come back and tell people what I did over the summer, about the cuts, the burns and the daily boner jokes I couldn't make.
I'll tell everyone how views were stunning and unbelievable, how some people were kind yet poisonous, whereas others have shown me goodness and grace. I will come back here, to Switzerland.

I'd like to see Pierette again, and some of her friends. I had a wonderful conversation with my neighbour about her grandson this morning, and its moments and junctures like those that I treasure.
But I'll leave out how sometimes I was bored out of my mind with no conversation, sometimes so tired that I thought I was going to die.
And sometimes so lonely that I wanted to go home more than anything else, just to be safe again.

Next week is the final week, and the real end of my summer here.
College starts, and I have find work soon just to afford my basic things as my loan wasn't accepted.
Stan is out of hospital, but in a care unit. He'll apparently be home around the same time as me getting back. I'm told he still wears his catheter, but always asks when I'm coming back to see him.
I'm going back to the same people I see week after week, to bullshit drama and to forced friendships with friends of friends.

I honestly cannot wait.

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