Thursday, 25 June 2009

Integrity - Abraxas Annihilation

This gets started the Thursday before i leave for France, then Spain in August. I start college in September, and I finally feel like I'm heading in a direction that is worth heading in.

I've taken photos recently - more than i have in a while now - stuff has happened to me that i felt needed to be documented, put down into film.

My Godfather had another fall and was laying on his kitchen floor all night, shitting and pissing all over himself. The guy is strong, but not strong enough to pull himself up, and he's just getting old and forgetful; he doesn't remember the wristwatch we got him that summons help, it's one of those press for help things - I'm not entirely sure how they work. All i know is that he didn't hammer the button and he'd ended up on the floor.
Whatever, he seems restless in hospital, rotting and sleeping.
Stan's 95, has a slight heart murmur and a slight water infection. He doesn't take any medication and lives by himself. He fought in WWII, and never complains about it. He is the old school of men, the guys that fought for what they believed was right.

I'd be lucky to do anywhere near as much as him in my life. By his standards, I should be married already, and have a house.

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